Are Window Wells Necessary For Your Basement

Window wells are a crucial part of the basement finishing procedure.  It is an essential sub-project allowing you to transform your basement into an attractive and practical living area.  In this article, we will provide information as to why window wells are significant and how they operate.

The Significance Of Basement Window Wells

Since the year 2006, basement bedrooms in West Michigan are legally required to have an egress window installed.  This window ensures the people in the building are safe by providing them with an emergency entry or exit option.  However, the majority of basements are completely underground in their structure.  This is why it is essential for a basement window well to be installed with the basement window.

The well provides support to the earth in the dig-out preventing any dirt from falling onto window.  It also offers access to the basement window for ventilation and external views.

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What You Need To Know About The Basement Window Well

When installing window wells, it is important to take certain factors into consideration.  Firstly, the window wells must be based at the bottom of the basement window or near ground level.  The window well’s outer edges must also be surrounded by egress windows and placed tightly against the window.

The window well has specific dimensions to be considered compliant with safety standards.  Overall, the window well and egress window need to be large enough for a fireman with a backpack to enter and pass through.

Top Tips On How To Maintain Basement Window Wells

Debris, leaves and snow can pile up along the window well, and if left unattended it can prevent the water from draining away.  Soil can also enter the window well and result in structural issues.  To prevent any problems, it is recommended that you clean the window well regularly.  It is also possible to install egress well covers as a precaution.  The covers protect the well and are often strong enough to walk across.